A farm supervisor who allegedly put needles in strawberries did so out of spite, a Brisbane court has heard.

By Karishma Luthria SYDNEY (Reuters) - A 50-year-old woman will face court on Monday after police charged her with contaminating strawberries ...

Woman (50) is charged over needles in fruit scare

A 50-year-old woman has been charged over an Australia-wide alert caused by fresh fruit being spiked with sharp needles.

Australian woman arrested in strawberry needle scare | Gephardt Daily

Police in Queensland, Australia, said they arrested a woman for allegedly contaminating fresh strawberries with sewing needles, injuring at least one man.

Farm worker faces needles allegations

A 50-YEAR-OLD woman who was employed as a Queensland farm worker faces court accused of sparking the country's strawberry contamination scare.

Australian police arrest 50-year-old woman after needles found in strawberries

Australian police on Sunday arrested and charged a 50-year-old woman with contaminating strawberries with needles.

Woman, 50, charged over strawberry needle crisis

The first person charged over the strawberry needle crisis is due to face a Brisbane court after spending the night behind bars.

Woman, 50, charged over strawberry contamination crisis after DNA found on needle

A 50-year-old Queensland woman could face ten years behind bars after being charged for the needle contamination crisis.