COX'S BAZAR/DHAKA, Bangladesh/YANGON (Nov 9): For Nurul Amin, a Rohingya Muslim living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, the days since learning he and his family were among a group of people set to potentially be repatriated to Myanmar have been among the most frightening since they fled their home. "I can hardly sleep at night for fear of getting forcibly repatriated. Since the time I heard that my name is on the list I can't even eat," says Amin, 35, who has four daughters, a wife and sister with him in the Jamtoli Camp in southeast Bangladesh.

Rohingya 'terrified' about Myanmar repatriation, aid groups say

A group of 42 aid agencies says the planned return of Rohingya to Myanmar is 'premature' and 'dangerous'.

PressTV-'Saudi Arabia to deport scores of Rohingya to Bangladesh'

A report says Saudi Arabia is forcibly sending scores of Rohingya Muslim refugees to Bangladesh.

Rohingyas Flee Camps and Board Boats to Malaysia

For years, Rohingya on both sides of the border have boarded boats organised by smugglers in the dry months between November and March, when the sea is calm. The perilous journey to Thailand and Malaysia, often undertaken in overcrowded, rickety vessels, has cost many lives.

Rest of World News: A plan to start repatriating Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar is premature and the refugees are "terrified" about leaving Bangladesh where they sought

Dozens of Rohingya flee camps by boat, reviving memories of 2015 tragedy

One boat attempted to set sail from the southern coast of Bangladesh on Wednesday, the coast guard said, while several vessels left Rakhine state in western Myanmar, according to Rohingya leaders, aid workers and a monitoring group. Officials detained 33 Rohingya and six Bangladeshis aboard a fishing

Bangladesh silent on Canadian offer to take Rohingya refugees

Myanmar does not consider the Rohingya a native ethnic group, with many calling them 'Bengalis', suggesting they belong in Bangladesh.

Days ahead of repatriation, Rohingyas in Bangladesh are anxious about security, citizenship status

Rohingya refugees have asked Myanmar for assurances. Though these are yet to come and despite UN concerns, Dhaka is proceeding with its plan.

English News and Press Release on Myanmar about Protection and Human Rights and Refugees; published on 09 Nov 2018 by AAR, ACT Alliance and 27 other organizations

Dozens of ‘Terrorists’ Among Rohingya Slated For Repatriation, Myanmar Official Says

Myanmar has requested that Bangladesh take action against them but declined to discuss the cases in detail.